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10k Solutions, is your global innovation partner in your journey towards the future of work and process efficiency. As an innovation and technology development hub, we are dedicated to reshaping industries and sectors through ground-breaking solutions that address regional and global challenges. Our expertise lies in transforming the operational dynamics of organisations, pinpointing common bottlenecks in work across industries or even entire countries. 10k Solutions devises universal solutions to streamline HR, financial, compliance and operational processes, enhancing efficiency, setting new benchmarks in technological advancement.

10k Solutions

Revolutionizing HR through Intelligent Automation

Our pioneering HR automation work with Emirates Group is a testament to our capacity for innovation. Our team conceptualised and implemented what is today recognised as one of the world’s most ambitious and successful hyper-automation projects, covering the entire ‘hire to retire’ lifecycle for employees in the United Arab Emirates. This includes a revolutionary visa automation process integrated with 5 UAE Federal Agencies, and an entire workflow that manages the administration for over 80,000 employees and upwards of 1 million admin transactions per year, without any human intervention. By automating all HR administrative tasks associated with hiring, onboarding, visa application and renewal, and offboarding, we have set a new standard for operational efficiency, reducing time and cost while ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Enhancing Critical Infrastructure

Enhancing Critical Infrastructure through Smart Solutions

10k Solutions has taken the lead on improving critical infrastructure operations across entire countries. Our standardisation and automation of administration and reconciliation processes for cash in transit and ATM replenishment across over 60 banks and thousands of end-users, stands as a prime example of how automation and smart technology can eliminate inefficiencies, reduce administrative burdens, and guarantee security and precision across an entire financial system. This transformative approach not only optimises operations but also supports the financial sector’s integrity and reliability.

Employee Verification

Setting Global Standards in Employee Verification

Recognising the paramount importance of safeguarding in sensitive sectors, 10k Solutions is a world leader in the development of new global standards in employee verification. Our approach exceeds EVERY national standard every issued, anywhere in the world. It’s a bold claim, but one backed by evidence. We recognised that one of the major gaps worldwide was inconsistency of standards, which is crazy when everyone is trying to achieve the exact same outcome – so we’ve simplified the myriad global approaches to safeguarding and safer recruitment, into a single universal standard. 

Integrated Regulation

Integrated Regulation:
A New Model for Regulation of Individuals in Critical Sectors


We recognised that in the technology age, it’s structurally inefficient for regulators to issue complex requirements for employee screening and licensing, then let industry participants devise thousands of different ways of complying. When we’re talking about a need to achieve a single standard, our IDCVA model sets a global standard for vetting of regulated individuals, and through our 10k software ensures that industry participants have the tools to comply senior. 

IDCVA and associated 10k compliance software’s work together to ensure an unparalleled standard of global vetting for candidates & employees in critical sectors such as education (10k Schools), healthcare (10k Healthcare), law enforcement (10k Legal), and social care. Through our technology-driven verification processes, we provide peace of mind and uphold the safety and integrity of organizations and the communities they serve.

Commitment to Transformation

Our Commitment to Transformation

At 10k Solutions, our vision extends beyond technological innovation. We are committed to driving systemic change, enhancing the way entire global industries operate, creating a more efficient, secure, and sustainable future. By focusing on the challenges that matter and harnessing the power of technology, we are not just solving today’s problems but paving the way for tomorrow’s successes. Join us as we redefine what’s possible, transforming industries, and setting new standards of excellence on a global scale.


Embrace the future with IDCVA:

Witness the potential of a world where administrative boundaries are redefined. Our standard exemplifies the heights achievable when human limitations are transcended through innovation.

With our advanced solutions, experience unparalleled safety and compliance, let us show you the ease and confidence of operating beyond traditional constraints. Take a step into the future and always be at the forefront of safeguarding standards.

The International Digital Credential Verification Agency - IDCVA UAE

Our world-class team and advisory board are the backbone of IDCVA, comprising leading experts from diverse fields. United by a vision for unparalleled safeguarding standards, they bring a wealth of knowledge and innovation to guide our mission towards excellence.

The International Digital Credential Verification Agency - IDCVA UAE

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