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Unlock Comprehensive School Safety Without the Premium Price Tag with 10k Schools

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At 10k Schools, we’re revolutionizing educational safety and efficiency, proving that premium solutions can be both comprehensive and cost-effective. Our platform extends beyond the forefront of criminal records checking to include a full suite of tools—all available at a single, dynamic price that fits your budget.

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Breaking Down the Cost Barrier: 

Our unique approach ensures that excellence in school safety isn’t hindered by cost. With a single subscription, gain access to our entire ecosystem of solutions designed to elevate your school’s standards across all facets of safety and operational efficiency.  

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The 10k Schools Advantage:

  • Unified Solution, Unified Cost: 

    Experience the synergy of our end-to-end platform, including advanced ID verification, applicant tracking, and more, without the burden of additional fees. 

  • Dynamic Pricing Model:

     Tailored pricing that adapts to your institution’s size and needs, ensuring you get the most value for your investment. 

  • Complete Safety Suite:
    From criminal records checks to biometric ID verification and beyond, our platform offers a comprehensive approach to safeguarding your school.

Beyond Safety:   

While our cost-efficient solutions prioritize safety, they’re part of a larger ecosystem designed to streamline operationsenhance hiring outcomes, and support compliance with global standards, all under one cost-effective umbrella. 

Step Into a World Where Excellence Meets Economy.

Explore the Full Capabilities of the 10k Schools Platform and Discover How Quality and Affordability Coexist. 

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10k Passport

A Revolution in Educators’ Career Management

Biometric ID Validation

Is This Candidate / Employee / Contractor Who They Claim to Be?

Career Analysis

Cross Referencing Complex Unstructured Data

Automated Referencing

Unique Security Protocols to Verify Referees

Referee Integrity

We Prevent “Passing the Trash”

Criminal Record Checks

We Empower Candidates to Obtain Missing Credentials

Adverse Media Searches

The World’s Most Detailed Media Search

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