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Introducing 10k Schools


Purpose and Vision:

10K Schools is a new global compliance standard for schools, one that prioritizes the safety and well-being of children in educational settings by eliminating human error, inconsistency and bias from your safer recruitment processes. 

Our focus is on revolutionizing the way people data is used, to enable automated point of entry, and ongoing assessment of child protection risks associated with educational staff throughout their career with your school. 

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The 10k Revolution:

Our comprehensive solution addressing the challenges in traditional employee verification in the education sector through digitization and automation would revolutionize the safety and efficiency of the process. By eliminating manual errors, biases, and the limitations of junior administrators, the solution ensures a thorough and objective verification process.


The incorporation of digital criminal record checks for over 180 countries not only provides a global perspective but also streamlines the often-complex task of obtaining up-to-date police clearances. Standardizing comprehensive reference checks and advocating for updated international standards further ensures the highest level of child safety.


This holistic approach not only mitigates concerns about workload affecting child safety measures but also instils confidence in school leaders, eliminating complacency and potential compromises in child protection. Ultimately, the solution establishes a robust and uniform framework that prioritizes the safety and well-being of children in the ever-evolving global education landscape.


Benefits of Digitization and Automation:

  • Eliminates human errors and biases.
  • Enables digital criminal record checks for over 180 countries.
  • Overcomes challenges in obtaining up-to-date police clearances globally.
  • Ensures no compromise on child safety.

The Problem:

Challenges in Traditional Employee Verification in the Education Sector:

  • Manual verification processes conducted by junior administrators.
  • Prone to human errors, subjectivity, and bias.
  • Inadequate for addressing the complexities of the global education workforce.
  • Existing standards lack uniformity and may compromise child safety.
  • Perceived limitations of human administrators compromise regulatory and accreditation standards.

Concerns with Current Standards:

  • Collection of only the last 2 references may not provide comprehensive insight.
  • Reliance on home country police checks may not offer a global perspective.
  • Lack of comprehensive global guidance from the International regulators and accreditation bodies.

Impact of Human Administrator Limitations:

  • Complacency among school leaders due to perceived limitations.
  • Potential compromises in child protection.
  • Concerns about workload affecting the effectiveness of child safety measures.

Global Reach and Advocacy 

Our platform is global, supporting schools in every continent. Beyond providing a technology solution to this global issue, we are actively advocating to regulators and governments of the need to standardise these processes through technology, rather than gamble child safety against the competency and diligence of school administrations.

 We aim to encourage the adoption of our standards at national level, firmly believing that the old ways no longer suffice in safeguarding our children’s educational environments.

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